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About Us

We believe in encouraging our students to ignite their own curiosity through yoga. Curiosity of their practice. Curiosity of their mind. Curiosity of their own unique body, both externally and internally. We inspire our students by paying close attention to each individual’s posture, alignment, involvement and progress, and helping to overcome any physical limitations. We believe in empowering our students to realize their own practice and goals in yoga, and awakening the same transformation in their personal and professional lives.


Throughout all our postures in life - our awareness is the spark, and our inquisitiveness is the driving force.

Our students are our family; and we have created a home for students to begin or continue their practice of yoga, with professional guidance on how to evolve their practice safely, holistically, and effectively.

We invite you all to come home, and to discover your yoga with us.


Welcome and Namaste.

The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio

Our sanctuary where you let your mind relax and your body sweat.

Our sanctuary where you let your mind relax and your body sweat.

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