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Discovery Single
2 classes for $20

Pay only $20 for 2 classes, to be completed in 2 weeks from date of purchase. Take this opportunity to sample all our different class styles such as yoga on Ropes and specially-built Chairs, the unique “Functional Stretch” yoga class led by specially-certified teacher, Yoga NSB (neck, shoulders, back), Yin Yoga, our powerful Vinyasa and traditional Hatha classes.

Discovery Double
Unlimited Yoga for 7 days for 2 persons at only $60

The same fabulous deal for one person now made better for two! Why not take the opportunity to bond with your friend or family member over yoga?


Group Classes


** Please note: All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and not extendable.

Corporate Yoga

Popular with several corporate clients, Samasthah is able to tailor specific yoga programmes to meet the needs of our clients’ employees. Some of these include special yoga exercises to help employees manage their aching necks, shoulders and back (NSB or “Tech Neck” issues), promote healthy living with Power Vinyasa and core workouts, or even weight management through yoga such as therapy stretches that can relieve stress, increase positive thinking and release pent-up emotions. Our experienced teachers will discuss with you your needs, develop a programme and be on-site at your office to lead the yoga classes. If preferred, we can conduct the classes at our studio - just a short walk from any building in the CBD.


Personal Training

Designed for students who prefer personalised or private training (PT) sessions with our master teacher. Every 60-minute class will involve discussions between student and teacher about any specific issues or requirements. Then our teacher (certified Rehab Trainer and Stretch Therapist), will design a training programme to help the student overcome their challenges or fix their issues. Our teacher could use a combination of different yoga and therapy principles such as Trigger Point Therapy Yoga or Advanced Functional Stretch to help the student.

Prenatal Yoga

Let us know if you’re interested in Prenatal Yoga, and we’ll schedule a class for you!

Healthy Lifestyle

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Located at the heart of Singapore’s central business district, Samasthah believes in empowering our students to realise their own practice and goals in yoga, and awakening the same transformation in their personal and professional lives.

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Improving flexibility is one of the well-known facts about yoga. Be part of our high-activity classes that incorporates traditional yoga movements for balance and stability with primal movements to boost locomotor skills.

Yoga helps to relieve tension and aches on necks, upper and lower backs, and shoulders. Samasthah offers various types of yoga classes to help you combat pain due to tight muscles, build strength in your upper bodies, and increases mobility.

Endless hours at your office can cause aches and pains in your muscles. This may lead to more serious muscle and joint problems. Take time out and embrace the yoga techniques at Samasthah to perfect your postures.

Samasthah offers classes that focus on traditional yoga postures and breathing techniques. These classes are designed to help yogis gain strength, range of motion and energy.

Through meditation and relaxation, yoga allows you to stay calm mentally and physically. With good focus, you are more likely to overcome problems effectively.

One of the key benefits of doing yoga is that it makes you more confident. Through our custom practices and techniques, our main aim is to empower our students.

Come Join Us To Embark On A Healthier Lifestyle Through Yoga Today!


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